Insulation Made From Funghi: Is It The Next Big Thing in Atlanta?

If having fungus inside your Atlanta home’s walls sounds like a bad thing, the judges of the PICNIC Green Challenge would disagree. In October, Eben Bayer, a 23-year-old won 500,000 euros in the second annual Dutch-sponsored competition for the best solution to reducing greenhouse gases, with his plan for a renewable, biodegradable insulation material made […]

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What comes to mind when you think of attic insulation? Do you think of sheets of fiberglass tacked inside your attic walls and floor? Most people do. Because fiberglass insulation is cheap and effective at making your home resistant to heat transfer. But, is it the best insulation available? The answer might surprise you.

We would like you to consider another option for the insulation of your home. Stranger still–we’d like you to consider it, even if you already have fiberglass insulation. Why? Because modern insulation isn’t just about insulating your home.

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